World’s 10 Deadliest Cyber Attacks!


WannaCry was a worldwide ransomware attack that shook the whole world by targeting hundreds of thousands of computer, workstations in over 150 countries. The ransomware encrypted the hard drive data and demanded payment in Bitcoin to unlock them. WannaCry used EternalBlue exploit and DoublePulsar backdoor developed by U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) to spread through a local network. This ransomware infected the computers running on old Microsoft Windows OS.

TheShadowBrokers, a group of hackers were behind this attack where they used a code developed by NSA to exploit the vulnerability in operating systems. Russia, India, UK, Ukraine, and Taiwan were badly affected. It affected more than 200,000 computers worldwide.

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NotPetya is a family of encrypting ransomware that was first discovered in June 2017 and works the way as Petya but it was not used for ransom. This malware targeted Microsoft Windows-based systems and used master boot record to execute a payload that encrypts a hard drive’s file system and prevents windows from booting.

These variants were propagated via EternalBlue Exploit, which was developed by NSA. This malware was propagated through infected e-mail attachment and affected Ukraine and Germany hardly.

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BSNL Malware Attack:

This attack shook south India badly especially Karnataka when a malware affected Telco’s broadband network using a modem having default passwords admin-admin. This virus reportedly affected 60,000 modems and blocked internet connectivity. Later BSNL issued an advisory notice to its broadband customers, urging them to change their default router username and passwords.

Mirai Botnet Malware:

This malware was first found in Aug 2016 which primarily targets online consumer devices such as IP cameras and home routers. This malware turns network devices running on Linux into remotely controlled bots that can be used as a part of a Botnet in large-scale network attack. It has been used in some of the largest and most disruptive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, including an attack on 20 September 2016 on computer security journalist Brian Krebs’s website, an attack on French web host OVH, and the October 2016 Dyn cyberattack. According to a leaked chat log between Anna-senpai and Robert Coelho, Mirai was named after the 2011 TV anime series Mirai Nikki.

The source code for Mirai has been published in hacker’s forums in dark web as open source and since the code was published, it is expected that the technique is being used in the number of malware projects. In total, the malware affected 2.5 million loT devices across the world.


Ethereum is one of the most demanded and growing cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Ethereum has seen a number of hacking incidences since the inception of currency. According to a blog published by more than $50 million worth ethereum were stolen in number cyber attacks from coin exchanges and trading platforms, Coindash is one of them.

  • CoinDash’ Token Sale Site Hacked; $7 Million Ethereum Stolen
  • Enigma Marketplace Hacked; $500,000 in Ethereum Stolen
  • Hackers Steal $32 Million in Ethereum From 3 Multisig Wallets
  • Phishing Scam: Hackers Steal $150,000 in Ethereum in Experty ICO Hack


In May 2017, Equifax, a renowned credit reporting service provider was hacked and sensitive, private data of 150 million US customers was leaked due to some flaw in their servers.

Mongo DB:

In 2016, in two different incidents, hackers leaked more than 36 million and 58 million accounts from unsecured MongoDB. Hackers not only wiped out these databases but also stored copies of their codes demanding for ransom of 0.2 Bitcoins.


In February 2017, the internet infrastructure company Cloudflare was hacked due to a bug in their platform. Cloudflare offers security and performance services to about 6 million customer website.

Zomato Hack:

Zomato, an India food tech company was hacked by “nclay” and more than 17 million registered user records were stolen from company’s database.  Hacker has uploaded the data for sale at $ 1,001.43 (BTC 0.5587) on dark web, reported.

HBO Hack: HBO, an international entertainment, and media giant suffered a massive data breach in July 2017, in which unaired episodes of Ballers, Room 104 and Game of Thrones TV serial were stolen and leaked online. Hackers also leaked personal and financial data of Viviane Eisenberg, the Network’s Executive Vice President Legal Affairs for Home Box Office, Inc.

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