How Much Does Data Recovery of a Hard Drive/Disk cost?

Want to recover your formatted, deleted and crashed data from your internal or external hard drive but don’t know how much does it cost? Don’t worry. We have a complete bifurcation of a data recovery services and cost with available options in the market.

Just Deleted: If you just deleted your data from internal hard disk and want it back, you can restore it from your recycle bin.

Estimated Cost: $0

Deeply Deleted: If you deleted your data with Shift+Delete then you must have permanently deleted your data from your hard disk. To recover permanently deleted data from your hard drive then you need to go for one step advance. Just by downloading data recovery software you can recover your data and restore it back.

Estimated Cost: $ 30 – $ 100

Download:  Data Recovery Software

Formatted Data: If you want to recover your data from formatted hard disk then I would recommend you to try deep data recovery software if you can take risk or visit a data recovery lab where you can get your data recovered from experts.

Estimated Cost: $ 30 – $ 500

Download:  Data Recovery Software

Damaged Drive: If you want to recover data from your crashed or damaged drive then I would recommend you to visit a data recovery lab where you can get data recovered for sure. It may cost you higher as all these practices are done in very neat and clean environment. In this case your data is recovered by changing and replacing required hardware in your disk to recover data.

Data Recovery Lab: Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd

Estimated Cost: $ 500 – $ 1000

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