Protegent Total Security


VIRUS' is the malicious code which has been programmed to destroy stored data files inside system or even on external devices like USB drives. With the intrusion of such pernicious codes into your system, condition may erupt which may automatically delete, corrupt, destroy, format or even steal user and system data and use it at illegal places for authentic purposes.

ANTI-VIRUS, is the program designed specially to remove or reduce these codes from system and external devices. Protegent Internet Security, legitimate anti-virus cum data security is drastic discovery is the field of Internet Security.

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Components of Protegent Total Security

  • Advanced Cloud Protection Technology – Cloud protection will ensure real time update of threat database which in turn provide maximum protection and improve performance of your PC.
  • Anti-Trojan – Trojan is a computation that performs the disastrous activity on data for which it has been created, unlike virus it does not replicate. Internet Security with Protegent removes them from the core.
  • Anti-Phishing – Phishing is the activity of diverting the information to some faulty destination and thereby stealing all information sent, which although has been sent to a specific authentic earlier. Internet security takes care of your information while in transition.
  • Anti-Spam – Spamming is the most vigorous activity of sending bulky emails to user and thereby enabling user to visit some of the malicious Web Sites mistakenly. Protegent Internet Security filter all bulk mail, and also warning user that it is spam mail so that user may not visit the Web Site.
  • Spyware – When your system is linked to networks, then possibilities of hackers keeping keen vigil on your system and stored information increases, but Internet security shields the system with boundaries to avoid spying.
  • USB blocking – Blocking the port for USB when the USB is malicious is the premium task performed by Protegent Internet Security.
  • Firewall – Firewall is the system which could be hardware or software, which is installed by the tool to filter all information going out or coming into your system.
  • Parental control:

    1. Website Blocking – This software block the website which are risky and may lead to virus intrusion, with its analytic approach it certainly recognize these type of sites.(user can set websites for which user need to be notified)

    2. File/folder blocking - Files/folders which contain vulnerable and crucial information is protected by blocking them, so that even if the system is infected, locked files/folders will not be effected by infection.( user can set File/folder for which user need to be notified)

Crash Proof- Additional Feature

Crash Proof is the most idealistic approach that has been adopted with the Protegent Total Security package to provide the facility of 'Disk Imaging'.

Windows Disk makes a replica of itself daily, so that when any of the condition of data loss, data theft, deletion, formatting, damaging is done, then all files could be recovered with the help of this image hence created.

Features of Protegent Total Security Software

  • Remove all malwares from the system that are inserted into system via. Internet or inserted devices
  • Fast paced process
  • Fully automated features and environment
  • Frequent automated Scanning
  • Recognizes diverse threats
  • Ease of adroit GUI feature
  • Free trial version provided
  • Internal system performance boost up
  • Light Security Application
  • Easy availability

Recommended System requirements

  • Operating System :Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1 , Windows 7, Vista(Service Pack 1), Windows XP(Service Pack 3) and Windows XP(Service Pack 2)
  • Hard Disk : 2.8 GB minimum
  • Processor : 800 MHz( Intel CORE DUO) minimum and 1.66 GHz (preferable)
  • RAM : 512 MB for Windows XP 1 GB for Windows Vista, 7 , 8 , 10

How it works? (Animated Demo)


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