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Protegent 360
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Protegent 360 Laptop Security Systems

Protegent 360 - Complete Security Software

“It’s time to think beyond Anti-Virus”

Anti-virus, Internet Security and Total Security are common words describing security softwares, but only for Internet threats. The new buzz Complete Security is on priority from the broader aspect for individual users and enterprise users. Complete Security not only means protection from Internet Threats but also protection from data theft, unethical activity, data loss and physical theft.

The word “Protegent” is deciphered from protégée (“To Protect” – in French). Complete Security is what is offered in Unistal’s Protegent360. Protegent360 encompasses security from internet threats and data safety through its six modules which are Protegent Internet Security, Activity Monitoring, Port Locker and Locate Laptop, Crash Proof and SysBoost. Internet security has become a top most priority for both individuals and organizations. Protegent Internet security incorporates not only the technology needed to support a solid security strategy but also those processes that must be incorporated in order for that strategy to work. It is simple to use yet a sophisticated protection is guaranteed from all kinds of spy-wares, malwares, e-threats, rootkits and anti-phishing.

The real challenge is to take maximum efficiency from your subordinates. Its important to keep our ma-chine safe from unethical activities during your absence. Activity Monitoring and Reporting helps you to keep a track of complete work done on the computer. This module reports all the unethically defined ac-tivities by sending reports directly to your email. This also helps the organizations to enhance the activity of their staff by 20% as now they are aware that the entire work log which is going via email to their Boss restricting them not to do personal chat, web browsing, play games etc. This helps in enhancing the productivity of employees which ultimately profits the company.

Should Parents monitor the activities of their teens and pre-teens? It’s a debatable question. But now, Parents need not to be of nagging type as they can have tools that could assist them to monitor all the computer/ internet activities via Protegent 360’s Activity Monitoring & Reporting module.

Keeping the critical and confidential data safe and protected is a challenge for each individual and organization these days. In today’s world, we require controlling, monitoring and preventing the flow of data from the computer. Port Locker, a data leakage prevention module allows you to protect the flow of data via all the ports, leaving no chance of data theft. This module is also equipped with email filtering, so that the user cannot send files/ mails which are unauthorized by the organization. You can make authorized Pendrives whitelisted or read-only for the computers within your organization. This helps you to work without getting worried about the data theft.

In case if the laptop is lost, missing or stolen, Locate Laptop module helps in finding it the moment it gets connected to the Internet. Its ability to find out the location from the IP with which it is connected to the Internet helps in physical theft prevention of the Laptop. If Laptop does not get connected to Internet for a specified time, this module automatically encrypts the important data folder and makes it unusable for others thus keeping it safe from thieves.

In todays world the data volume has increased leading to increased computer dependency. Increased dependency increases the downtime results in data loss. Data recovery cannot provide you satisfactory result every time. Crash Proof takes the image of your data after a regular interval of time and stores this information in a protected area. If the hard disk gets corrupted or accidently formatted by this software application one can restore the partition and recovers the deleted files.

Due to excessive usage of computer ,it is very important for us to keep our system free from all the junk files. SysBoost helps you to manage, maintain, optimize your computer .Registry clean, registry restore, internet wipe and folders wipe are the features of SysBoost. When we delete a file from our system, it doesn’t get deleted in real sense. It still exits somewhere in the system and can be easily recovered by any recover tool. This software deletes the files permanently which is beyond recovery.

Unistal’s Protegent360, the complete security software covers all the six aspects of complete security. This is a feature-rich software beyond comparison. Protegent powers up 60% more features than any other nearest competitive software. The free trail version of the Software can be downloaded from For more details contact

Description of Protegent360 Modules

  • Protegent Internet Security

Protegent Internet Security keeps your Internet-connected family safe. Its very important for us to pro-tect our system from viruses. The antivirus solution provides high-end proactive protection from deadliest viruses, spywares, hackers and other e-threats. Protegent Internet Security is a time tested antivirus solution and known for its superior quality and effectiveness. Its hourly virus signature update module always protects your computer from latest viruses.

  • Activity Reporter

Activity Reporter is a very important tool to monitor the activities of all the computer users. It records and reports every key stroke/ activity on the computer or internet and report is generated and emailed on regular basis. The unique feature of Activity Reporter to Whitelist and blacklist applications would enable you to monitor more effectively. The various options of reporting along with the different formats of reporting ensure that monitoring is effective and the network is more secured. The features of Activity Reporter would definitely act as a foil for anyone to do any fraudulent activities in the organization. It helps the user to find out if any unwanted activity has taken place in his/her absence. It also helps Parents to find out the activities of their children.

  • Port Locker & Data Leakage Prevention

Port Locker allows the user to safeguard data/files from unauthorized access. It prevents vital & important data to be transferred from one PC to another using Flash drive, DVD/CD writers, PCMCIA ports, Ethernet ports, Printer ports, Infrared ports and Bluetooth ports. It provides the options to lock/unlock single or multiple ports with authorized password. It allows user to lock ports with different lock type options which are, permanent, specific time duration (scheduled block) and when the computer remains idle or untouched. It displays the alert as soon as an unauthorized action is performed against the locked ports. It provides complete log related to Permanently Blocked, Schedule Blocked or Un-Blocked Ports with actions performed including changes in settings, locking and unlocking the ports, setting scheduler etc. Users can Whitelist one or more pen drives so that they can be accessed on the system. You can also make the USB port read-only so that the data can only be transferred from Pendrive to the system. This feature also provides the file transfer log through USB ports.

  • Locate Laptop & Data Encryption

Locate Laptop keeps a track of laptop's location whenever the laptop gets connected to the internet. What is lost is not just the laptop, but also the valuable, sensitive and creative data in it. It contains a smart agent, designed to collect and transmit critical data needed to pinpoint its location to identify the unauthorized user in case of theft. It works in a stealth mode and can also silently inform you about the location of your employee's laptop. Predefined settings allow the user to encrypt classified files and folders whenever the laptop is not connected to the internet for specified period or is detected stolen. It provides a secure webpage for every user to monitor the Location, IP Address, and Internet Service Provider with date and time. It allows the user to submit the Theft Report online and provides regular Status Updates of the laptop location via email.

  • Crash Proof
Time waits for none. The same holds true for competitive business environment today. You need to keep going in order to stay relevant and ahead of competitive forces in these testing times. Moreover, the digital era has lead to increased dependency of organizations on computers and other advanced devices of the information age. This dependency makes modern organizations and computer users vulnerable to the risks of digitization. Your data and information can easily fall prey to the plight of a virus attack, acci-dental disk formatting, voltage glitches and any other data loss scenarios. Crash Proof safeguards your vital data against permanent data loss. It is a deleted file recovery module, which once installed captures disk images, to back up your data, and keeps on updating it, thereby enabling you to avert all data loss scenarios occurring in future.

  • SysBoost
Computer today plays a significant role in everybody’s life. Almost everything related to us are stored in our computer be it personal files or official documents. It is very difficult for us to bring out the junk files kept in the system for deletion from registry. SysBoost analyses the registry and gives the accurate Information of the unwanted registries. You can also restore the deleted registry by using this software. Internet activities information can also be deleted by using SysBoost. This helps in securing our emails, password, net banking information. Files or folders can be deleted permanently .Files can be recovered by using the backup of deleted files.



Features of Protegent 360-Complete Security Software

Protegent Internet Security

Bi-Directional Firewall
Our bidirectional firewall guarantees a global protection, blocking the incoming and outgoing traffic (through Internet and/or LAN) to unauthorized persons or unauthorized files. The double control makes impossible any form of unauthorized activity. Special shields prevent intrusions from local net and Wi-Fi net. Placing itself in the firing line, the bidirectional firewall keeps your Pc far away from hacker and malware, leaving you calm and relaxed while using your computer and Internet.


Proactive Defense against the threats
The Host protection monitors the behaviors of the others software and its interactions with the Network, in order to prevent violations and transmissions of information from your PC to unauthorized persons.

Complete protection against any malware
The Anti-malware system of Protegent Security Suite is the perfect combination between the Antivirus technology and the Anti-Spyware technology. Any access are constantly monitored and controlled for all the attempts of access and activation of malware in the PC. Any time the anti-malware found a threat, it is immediately disinfected, removed or put in quarantine. You can scan the entire system with one click button.
This module allows you to avoid mail spam and to have all the mail boxes free of annoying mail trash. Thanks to the “Personalized” option, you will be able to insert your personal definition of Spam, thus all the entire process of removal of the undesired mail will be quick as a mouse click.
Anti-Theft System
Now your personal information cannot be stolen anymore! Thanks to the Block ID function and USB blocking feature the data of the credit card, the password, and other critical data of your system are stored in a special place that prevents the accidental or intentional spreading. It is also possible to define a list of trusted sites and prevents data theft from your system.
  Advanced Web Navigation
Thanks to its versatility, the Web Control module allows you to have a safe web surfing also in the darker and dangerous zones of Internet. You will keep away from infected website, also limits your exposure to potentially harmful applications and blocks any attempt of spreading’s of personal information, always keeping your identity hidden.We can also block ads and websites through this module
Software Self-protection
Protegent Security Suite cannot be disabled or blocked from external attacks. Thanks to the solid protection of all its components, Protegent Security Suite do not allow any form of tampering of the software, thus is impossible, to any unauthorized user, the deactivation or the closing of the active protection.
  Resource Optimization
Protegent Security allows you to maximize the operating performance, decreasing the amount of utilized resources. The software is optimized in order to offer the highest speed of analysis and immediate answer to the attacks, without however making a dent to the total performance of the computer that will continue to operate as if the software were not activated.
User friendly interface
Protegent Security Suite is easy and immediate to configure, in a position to answering the requirements of all its users, experts and newcomer. Thanks to the automated and context-sensitive help function, the software learns to manage independently alarms of the firewall, leaving you completely free from any thought or worry about the system security.
  Improve Net
In Improve Net manages distribution of the following content:
  • 1. Critical Objects updates for System Guard
  • 2. Self-protection settings and the list of necessary Anti-Leak exclusions
  • 3. Settings for compatibility with third-party applications for all modules
  • 4. Preset application rules for Firewall
  • 5. List of trusted vendors’ applications for Proactive Protection (Host Protection) module.

Activity Reporter

Monitor Keystrokes
Captures all key strokes. Intercept DOS-box and Java –chat Keystrokes.
  Monitor Clipboard Activity
Captures Clipboard content
Monitor Internet Activity
Captures all Internet activity with features of Blacklist and Whitelist
Blacklist- Internet activities (web sites) which are added in this list are monitored and visible in alerts.
White list- Internet activities which are added in this list are ignored and not visible in alerts
  Monitor Screenshots
Captures the Screenshot within a specified time Interval or on every mouse click.
Monitor Chat Activity
Captures ICQ, Miranda, Skype, Google Talk , MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo, QIP Chats
  Monitor Application Activity
Captures all system application activities with features of Blacklist and Whitelist
Blacklist- All the application activities that are added will get captured and are visible in alerts.
White list- All the application activities that are added in this list are ignored and not visible in alerts.

Port Locker & Data Leakage Prevention

Block ports
You can block all the ports with the help of Port Locker, to prevent your system from unauthorized access. You can block USB port, Bluetooth port, Infrared port, IEEE 1394 port, Network Adaptors port.
  Block /Unblock as per schedule or block port when system idle
Multiple or Single ports can be blocked permanently, scheduled or when you leave your system idle. Only the authorized user can unblock the Port by using the password.
USB read-only feature
Option of assigning USB read-only setting to whitelisted and non-whitelisted USB mass storage device.
  Block CD/DVD
Removable or Inbuilt CD/DVD ROM can be blocked by blocking CD/DVD ROM port.Noone will be able to read or write the CD/DVD from the system.
Log Settings
Easy to manage the logs by setting log days (min 1 day to max 90 days).
  Email Filtering
Robust feature of E-mail Filtering, which filters and blocks emails which are being sent from MS Outlook client.
Block Printer
No Print command will work when the Printer port is blocked.
  Block/Unblock Single/All Ports
You can block/ unblock Multiple or single port in one shot.
Save the settings
The software has the option to save software settings so that they can be restored when needed.
  File Transfer Log
File Transfer Log shows a detailed report of files added, removed and renamed to and from USB mass storage device.

Locate Laptop & Data Encryption

Tamper Proof Reporting
Reports on server contain information on date, time, Public IP. Location, country, state, city, ISP, Longitude & Latitude. No human intervention is required for reports.
  Automated Data Encryption
Remotely launch the data encryption module on predefined sensitive files and folders. Encrypts data even if laptop is not connected to Internet for a particular period.
Laptop/employee tracking
The software has the tendency to monitor the laptop/employee tracking in such a way that has proven its security quality.

Crash Proof

Crash Proof takes the image of system data and image of files and folders after a regular interval of time and keeps updating the system.
Scheduler takes the image according to the set time in scheduler settings.
File recovery recovers the desired files by selecting the date. With this software you can repair or build back the corrupted/ deleted partition, which may occur due to virus attacks or accidental deletion.


Select and Wipe
The software deletes file /folder permanently from the system. Backup and wipe option helps you to take backup of the file to be deleted. You can restore the deleted file after deletion.
  Select Extensions
In this module you can mention the extensions of files you want to delete. Backup and wipe option helps you to take backup of the file to be deleted. You can restore the deleted file after deletion.
Defrag Drive
With this module you can defrag your drives. Defragmentation of the selected drive can be done.
  Internet Wipe
The software helps in wiping of temporary internet files, internet cookies, internet history permanently.
Registry Clean
The software scans the registry and gives the accurate information of unwanted registries. You can select and delete the unwanted registries making your system free from junk files.
  Registry Restore
The software helps you to restore the cleaned registry.

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How it works:

Protegent 360 is a complete package to encompass security from internet threats and data safety. This package provides you the Six tier protection. The Software works as follows:

You need to put the CD in CD drive and need to select the option from the list that you want to install in your system. If you want to provide a Six tier protection to your system then select all the options and install it in your system. Post this, configure accordingly and it will start protecting your system.

    System requirements
        You may install only on computers running the following Operating Systems:
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2.
  • Windows Vista with Service Pack 1.
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Before installation, make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
    To find out the Windows Operating System and hardware information of your computer, right-click 'My Computer' from the desktop and then select 'Properties' from the menu.
    Minimum system requirements
  • 1.8 GB available Hard Disk space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
  • 800 MHz Processor
  • 512 MB RAM
    Recommended system requirements
  • 2.8 GB available Hard Disk space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
  • Intel CORE Duo (1.66 GHz) or equivalent Processor
  • RAM:
  • 512 MB for Windows XP
  • 1 GB for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 & Windows 10

Why use Protegent 360 - Complete Security Software?

A highly interactive software –Protegent 360 Complete Security Software is designed to provide complete security to the users against all the malwares, root kits, spywares, and e-threats. This software helps the user to track his/her laptop in case of theft. You can monitor all the activities of your employees/children and easily encrypt your data in case of theft. It provides firewall option as well. It also provides system tuneup software which helps in cleaning of registry, wiping of folders permanently and enhances the speed of your system.

Experience a brighter tomorrow ………………………..Today

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