What are Types of Data Recovery Situations ?

What are Types of Data Recovery Situations

Data Recovery is the most commonly used phrase along with the computers, laptops, servers, smart phones, etc. We all know that computer and other devices make out work easy with the help of their advanced features. At the present time, technology has evolved to the next level and so we can see in the field of computer, servers, and other computer devices.

Every computer user keeps their essentials and other confidential information in their computer devices which they will never want to lose at any cost. The data which is present in the computer is important for an individual and a business as well. The data for individual may include images, video and other personal data where as business data may include presentation, database, email files, passwords, and other confidential information. We can say that individual data is important as it might contain past memories in the form of images, videos or audios and business data is important due to the financial cost combined with it which may be tender quotation, database and other email folders.

Whatever might be the advancement in technology, there is always chances that of down time in the computer system which might result in data loss, data corruption, data format and data deletion.

These circumstances can cause big losses to all individuals and businesses as well. For individuals, the loss can both is financial and emotions as the data present in the computer might contain financial credentials  or the user’s memories in the form of images, videos, audios, photos and other media files. For Businesses, the loss incurred by the data deletion or corruption could be such that the whole organization can get into financial crises.

There might be following situations in which the critical data in Windows is at risk of getting lost:

  • Accidentally using SHIFT+DELETE for some data present in computer system leading it to permanently getting deleted from computer system
  • Accidental formatting of hard drive of the computer system thinking it to be any external media. This is the most commonly mistake committed by most of the computer users when trying to formatted their external media, they format the hard drive instead.
  • There are some technical glitch errors, power failures which affects OS, its partitions, and leads to data mismanagement (in a way of loss or corruption)

To keep the individuals and business safe from the financial losses, there is a certain need for some utility tool which can get back these lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted data in their original readable format.

There are mainly two types of data recovery scenarios:

  1. Logical Recovery

Logical Recovery includes the cases in which the data is lost, deleted, formatted or get corrupted due to any human intervention, power failures, virus intrusions and other software issues. These data can be recovered using data recovery software which will recover the lost data in the original format in an efficient and effective way. The only condition is that the user shouldn’t be doing major work on copy paste after the data loss. If the user is not able to recover the data using any data recovery software, then we recommend approaching data recovery professionals. They will use their expertise to update any firmware issue and other professional data recovery tools to recover your valuable data.

  1. Physical Recovery

Physical Recovery includes cases in which the hardware of the storage device is affected due to which the device may not be detecting resulting in data becoming inaccessible to the user. In these circumstances, the users should not do anything fancy and directly approach data recovery professional which could only recover their data. If the user tries something on the storage device then there might be chances that the data can go in the irrecoverable position.

Unistal being pioneer in data recovery software and services since 1994 has more than 300K successful data recovery cases. We always recommend use of premium data recovery software instead of free as the free ones can lessen the chances of data been recovered and can make the storage device permanently dead.

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