What are the Benefits of Using OST to PST Converter?

Microsoft exchange is the most commonly used email exchange server which used in organisations and big business houses. As we know that the there are thousands of emails which are been sent in an organisation on a daily basis and the IT heads ensure that there should be no delay in these email being exchanged between the sender and the receiver. But there is always comes the human intervention in which the internet goes offline. That’s why OST (Offline Storage Table) are used for exchanging the mail amongst all the employees of the organisation which doesn’t require internet for sending & receiving emails and work in offline mode.

OST (Offline Storage table) is the used in big organisation and companies where emails can be send or receive with any connectivity with the internet. OST files work in offline mode and it is not necessary that they should be connected with internet to start communicating mail amongst each other.

OST files are very big if we talk about the storage size and it should be kept at a very safe place to ensure the continued sending or receiving of mails and should never get corrupted as it contains all the email data of the organization which can’t be compromised in any case. But there are circumstances in which these OST files get corrupted which could result in loss of important email data:

  • Low Network Connection– This is a very common issue due to which OST files get corrupted. The low network connect doesn’t allows the email folders to get synchronized in the OST files resulting in corruption of OST.
  • Power Surge– the Power spike districts the OST files while performing synchronization. A power fluctuation is very bad for the OST files and results in getting them corrupted.
  • Failure in Data Storage– The locations where data is stored gets damaged and the user fails to access it.
  • Virus Attack– Virus attacks the OST files and makes them corrupted so that it is not accessible to anyone.
  • Outlook Termination– There is cases when outlook gets shutdown unexpectedly resulting in damaging the OST files at the time of synchronization.
  • Synchronization Problem– This error occurs when the outlook concatenates with the offline folder.
  • Outlook Limitation– When OST files exceed a limit of 2GB, it gets corrupted.

So if you have become a victim of corrupted or inaccessible OST files, then you should buy OST to PST Converter software which migrates corrupted OST to accessible PST files so that the folders like inbox, drafts, appointment, calendar, sent items, etc can be retrieved and used for emailing.

Now let’s dig into the features of OST to PST Converter Software:

  • Competent Recovery and Conversion of OST to PST-: Our software allows speedy conversion of your email files which are in HTML, PST, Plain Text or MSG format. Secondly, it also restores email files which are in the form of Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Word, Images, Audio, Video and so on.
  • Allows Conversion of Encrypted and Password Protected OST files-: Designed by our skilful and knowledgeable technicians, OST to PST Converter Software allows recovery of data from password protected OST files as well.
  • Save Converted File at a User Defined Location-: The “advanced recovery” feature gives users the ability to restore the converted file at their preferable location on the system. In this way, they won’t find any hassle in searching important files.
  • Extremely Compatible-: This software supports MS Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000 versions.
  • Easy to Understand/ Does not require much technical expertise-: Built-in with GUI (Graphical User Interface), this tool gives an easy understanding to users.
  • Quick and Risk Free Conversion-: With it’s ability to restore any kind of lost OST file that include elements like send/receive info, draft, Journal, task, contacts, calendar, appointment, attachment, etc. OST to PST Converter offers a quick and safe conversion to help users get back their precious data.

There are many benefits of Installing OST to PST Converter Software-

  • Maintains data integrity throughout the recovery process,
  • The recovered data is accurate, precise and in the original format
  • Offers quick recovery of corrupted or inaccessible OST files to PST
  • Pocket friendly as it is reasonable priced.
  • Comes along with advanced recovery features

That’s it in today’s discussion about “What are the benefits of using OST to PST Converter?

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We would definitely recommend use of OST to PST converter in case your OST files become inaccessible or corrupted due to any of the above discussed reasons.

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