Unistal’s Locate Laptop for Laptop Tracking & Theft Prevention

Computers are the most commonly used in this digital world. But now days for the ease of convenience, Laptops are being sold and used by people around the world in high volume.  With the increase use of Laptop, there are high rate of laptop theft as well which increasing day by day. Laptop theft doesn’t only include loss of laptop but also of the essential, confidential and other sensitive information present in it. The user might incur big financial losses which could be more than the cost of the laptop itself. So, the data is foremost important for every user and nobody is willing to take risk on it.

Unistal been a pioneer in data care software since 1994 understands the importance of data for every individual or organization. That’s why Unistal has the perfect solution for the laptop theft in the form of Locate Laptop software which is advance software & allows easy tracking of your laptop (or in case of laptop theft) across the world.

Unistal Locate Laptop not only helpful in tracking stolen laptops but also very efficient software for employers to track location of their employee’s laptop. This will allow the employer to know that the employee has gone to the desired location for its work or not. This software also increases the efficiency of employee by a great margin because they will always be thinking that they are being tracked by Locate Laptop software.

For individuals, Locate Laptop allows users to know pin point location of their laptop or incase it is stolen using Google Maps. The Software uses a smart agent, which is designed to collect and transmit analytical information needed to find the location of the laptop when lost or stolen and/or to identify the unauthorized user in case of a theft.

Locate Laptop has an advance feature of automatic data encryption which automatically encrypts the data present in the laptop if not connected to internet for a specified period of time. This is very helpful in case lost or stolen laptop as no unauthorized person would be able to see the data present in the laptop nor be able to decrypt the same as locate laptop is password protected. User can also select any particular file, folder or drive to be encrypted in case of stolen laptop and also can set the duration after which the data will be encrypted.

Unistal has recently update Locate Laptop with advance feature of remote photo capturing which allows the user of the laptop to know who is currently using the laptop. This is done with the help of webcam in the laptops which saves the image of the person in case of any lost or stolen laptop and send the same to the email id configured in the software.

Prominent Features of Unistal Locate Laptop:

  • Pin point location tracking of lost or stolen laptop with the help of Google Maps
  • Remotely launch the data encryption module on predefined sensitive files & folders
  • Encrypts data after a particular period even if the Laptop is not connected to internet.
  • Photo capturing of the user through webcam which is useful in case of lost or stolen laptop
  • Laptop tracking reports contain information on data, time, public IP, Locate, country, state, city, ISP, Longitude, Latitude.
  • Efficient software to track down employee’s location and increase their efficiency

We would recommend that users should try our Locate Laptop software carry your laptop freely outside your home or office.

Locate Laptop Software Link: http://www.unistal.com/laptop-tracker.html

Demo Download Link: http://www.unistal.com/demo-downloads/demo-locate-laptop.zip

Locate Laptop Buy Link: http://www.unistal.com/buy-laptop-tracking-software.html

That’s it in today’s blog about our data care product: Locate Laptop.

We do believe that you will definitely be benefited after using this advanced software.

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