Unistal’s Data Wipe for Permanent File Deletion

Data is most essential and confidential thing present in every computer system which can belong to an individual or business. There might be cases that the data present in the system is so confidential that if it gets stolen, then it can cause great financial crises to the user. So there is a certain need that the confidential data needs to be deleted in such a way that it can’t be recovered by any recovery software.

Unistal always understands the confidentiality of the data and has the perfect solution in the form of Data Wipe Software which is permanent file software. Data Wipe software cleans up the particular files, folders or drives and deletes it permanently from computer system so that it can never be recovered back using any recovery software. This is very helpful software which doesn’t allow anyone to steal information such as information of national interest which if gets to enemy could result in national crisis. These data is created once and deleted using Data Wipe when its work is over.

Unistal has the perfect blend of expert professionals who had developed Data Wipe software for resolve the issue of Permanent File Deletion.

Data Wipe software is used to remove the data permanently so that no one can recover this data. This software helps you to ensure security. Data Wipe ensures that file deletion is immutable and beyond recall.

In the case of any file deletion, deleted file goes into the Recycle bin. If you delete that file from Recycle bin as well, it will still not be completely deleted from your system. Normally, the file name is deleted from the Disk’s index, but all the data remains as it is on the Disk. Some of the Data Recovery Software can recover this data from the Disk. If you overwrite the data, that will also not provide you the guarantee that the data will not be recovered.

If you want to delete the data permanently, you need to overwrite the data many times so that no one can recover it by any means. This software helps you to delete the file completely from the system so that no one can recover the file even with the help of any Data Recovery Software. Data Wipe Software is designed with tested algorithms. Tested algorithms help you remove the data from the Disk so that you are ensured that the data deleted will never be recovered.




Features of Data Wipe-Permanent File Deletion

  • Data Wipe erases data by wiping its contents beyond recovery, destroying its name and dates and finally removing it from the Disk, Uses upto 35 pass data wipe.
  • Meets and exceeds the highest standards for wiping information.
  • Offers wipe methods that can stop both Software and Hardware Recovery Tools from restoring the erased data.
  • Completely destroys any data from previously deleted files that might still be accessible on your Disk.
  • Erases folder structures (folders with all their subfolders and files) and even the entire Drives.
  • Deletes “Locked” Windows files, index .dat, the swap file and “Cookies” that track your internet history.
  • Wipes unused clusters. These clusters are those that are not currently linked in the file system.
  • Data Wipe can automatically clear the contents of folders that usually contain sensitive data (such as the Web browser cache, cookies, Temporary Internet files, the recent document list, the folder designated for temporary files, etc.)
  • Supports any Capacity Hard Drive.
  • Backup & Wipe- This option will first take the backup & then it will wipe the data.

We would recommend that users should try our Data Wipe Software for permanent file deletion.

Data Wipe Software Link: http://www.unistal.com/data-wipe-software.html

Demo Download Link: http://www.unistal.com/demo-downloads/DataWipeDemo.zip

Locate Laptop Buy Link: http://www.unistal.com/buy-data-wipe-software.html

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We do believe that you will definitely be benefited after using this advanced software.

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