Unistal Activity Reporter for Activity Reporting & Monitoring

Computers are being used by people around the world at an increasing rate. Users access the computer generally for the purpose application and internet use at home or at business organisation. With the advancement in computers, users including children, young generation and other elder people access applications and internet for various purposes.

At the present, data security is the main concern for all business houses to keep the confidential data secured from other competitors which if gets compromised would be all the hard work to naught. Symantenously, there are children accessing computers at home or school and they also have an interaction with the various websites. There are many websites which are inappropriate for the children and should not be viewed by them. Children are always guided by their parents and teachers that they should not view any inappropriate websites.

Unistal understands that there is a certain need for advanced software which can put a check on the every computer activity done by the user (Children or employee) and provided detailed reporting of the same to the admin of the computer. Unistal has the perfect solution in the form of Activity Reporter which allows effective computer monitoring and reporting. This software monitors even records every keystroke by the user and makes it a perfect monitoring tool. This also records every computer and internet activities & even can get the screenshot of user’s activity on a regular basis.

Activity Reporter also allows users to Blacklist or Whitelist any application or website. By Blacklisting any application or website, the software records any attempt to access the particular application or website by the user and adds the same to the reports which are send to the admin. The major purpose of blacklisting is to know when and by whom is the particular application and website is been accessed. By Whitelisting, admin makes the particular applications and websites to be accessed by all users.

For home users, this software allows easy monitoring on the children computer and internet activity & makes sure they are not viewing anything inappropriate which they shouldn’t be watching. Daily/Weekly reports allows the parents to known what exactly their children are doing on computer systems. So goes with business organizations as well where Unistal’s Activity Reporter allows the employers to put a check every employee’s activity. When the employees known that they are being monitored by their employer, then employee’s efficiency can get increased up to 30% which can be an add-on to organization’s growth.

Activity Reporter helps in keeping a night watch on the applications & websites surfed by the user/client and all keystrokes that have been pressed by the client. It also keeps a record of screenshots taken. It also records the exact time a user was working or the system was idle.

Prominent Features of Activity Reporter

  • Activity Reporter records application & internet activity and reports the same to admin
  • We can maintain application monitor time logs for specific applications
  • Provides complete activity report with respect to various user login with login & log out time
  • Blacklisting & White listing of applications and websites
  • Records the clipboard content which is being copied
  • Records every keystroke made by the user
  • Captures screenshot of the screen within the specified period of time or on mouse click
  • Managing logs by settings the log days
  • Sends the reports to the specified email
  • Password protected so that only authorized personnel can access the reports
  • Reports of Application activity, Clipboard activity, working log, Internet activity, Keystrokes, Screenshots all in HTML format
  • Captures ICQ, Miranda, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo, QIP chats

We would definitely recommend Unistal’s Activity Reporter to be used in computer systems at home, offices and business organizations. This will definitely be useful for all parents, teachers and other employers in business organizations.

That’s it in our discussion about Unistal’s Activity Reporter for activity reporting and monitoring.

We do believe that you will definitely be benefited after using this advanced software.

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