Port Locker/USB Blocker Software for Data Leakage Prevention

Data Leakage Prevention is the need for all users who care about their confidential and essential data present in computer system and don’t wish to lose it due to unauthorised data transfer or data theft. Data may be in any form like text files, video files, audio files, images, presentations, emails, etc and is always important to its owner which may be an individual or an organisation.

Unistal’s Port Locker/USB Blocker is advanced data leakage prevention software which prevents any sought of unauthorised data transfers from one computer system to other using any of the external ports like USB drive, IEEE 1394, DVD/CD Writers, Printer, PCMCIA Ports, Ethernet Ports and Bluetooth port. Using Port Locker software ensures two way prevention to your computer system & your business as well because it not only block unauthorised transfer of data from various external ports but also blocks any malicious code been transfers to your computer through any network.

Unistal’s Port Locker doesn’t only block unauthorised data transfer from external ports but also puts a check on the email communication and put a filter to block any malicious email to get into user’s computer network.

It’s time to dig into advanced feature of Unistal’s Port Locker software:

  • It blocks external ports like USB Port, IEEE 1394, DVD/CD writers, Printer, PCMCIA, Ethernet, Printer, Infrared and Bluetooth so that unauthorized data transfer can’t be done
  • It prompts alert if any user tries to use the port which is already blocked by the admin
  • User can customize the external ports in a way that they get blocked in stay idle for a specified period of time or for a scheduled duration.
  • Block any malicious mail to get into user’s computer network with the help of robust Email Filtering
  • Provides daily report of all external ports whether blocked, scheduled or unblocked.
  • User has the option to block any single or multiple port with authorized password
  • Port Locker allows users to Whitelist particular USB drive so that they only gets detected by the computer system.
  • It has an advanced feature USB Read-only by which user can make any USB drives to be detected as Read only and the user can only see that data present in it. User can neither copy the data nor make any modifications in it.
  • Keeps the detailed report of file transfer of files added, removed, added or modified to or from USB storage device.
  • Allows users to even block the print screen option.
  • Enable or disable password for the Software

Port Locker helps you to prevent your data. This Software helps you to lock or unlock single port or multiple ports to prevent data transfer from one system to another. The Software provides you the log files of all the activities performed on any port. You can get the port report as well. You can get the file transfer and email filtering report as well.

We would definitely recommend Port Locker software which is beneficial for individual and businesses as well. For individual, user can block any unknown person to transfer any important data which could lost a lot to the user. For businesses, Port Locker is the perfect utility tool which blocks any transfer of data out of the organization by any employee or outsider.

That’s it in today’s discussion about Unistal’s Port Locker software. We hope that user take the benefit of this software and keep their confidential data in their computer system without any worry of theft.

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