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Mobile phones are the most essential and commonly used hand held devices by people around the world. They have become the basic necessity for every individual so that he/she can remain in touch with other people through calls (audio or video), messages, social media and so on.

Mobile Phones around the world come mainly with Android or IOS operating system. Android is an open source operating system which is being used by mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Motorola, etc. IOS operating system is owned by iPhone which uses it in all its mobiles.

Mobile phones include essential information like contacts, messages, photos, videos, audios, and other documents. There are situation in which these essential is risk of getting lost, formatted or corrupted. Recovering data from mobile phones is the most tedious task if there is any sought of damaged caused to the mobile due to accidental drops, fallen in water, or due to any human intervention.

No mobile user would want to see the data in his/her phone getting lost or deleted. Mobile phones doesn’t only contains data but also contains memories of any individual in the form of video, images, audio and other media files.

Unistal is pioneer in data recovery software and services, data security and data care since 1994. We have done more than 200K successful data recovery cases till date. Unistal have highly equipped data recovery labs where our experts data recovery professional recover data from storage devices like Hard Disk, Memory card, mobile phones, RAID servers etc in an efficient and effective way.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery from android or iPhone is one of our expertises and we assure that the lost data or media files gets recovered and delivered to the user in the original format. We had already updated our recovery lab for iPhone data recovery as well.

Following are the situation in which mobile phones need data recovery assistance:

  • Mechanical Part Failure
  • Accidental formatting of Mobile Phone
  • Accidental Deletion of Data in Mobile
  • Physical Damage of Mobile Phone due to accidental drops, fire or water
  • Virus Infection and Corruption
  • Mobile Operating System Failure
  • Mobile Software Corruption or Failure
  • Damaged Mobile Storage Media

We are specialized in recovering data from mobile phones with operating system such as IOS and Android. Unistal is pioneer in data recovery services since 1994 with experienced professionals, advanced equipments and state-of-the-art secure facilities which make us capable of having the best chance of recovering your data present in your mobile.

Our Data Recovery Process

  • Free Consultation – Unistal has a very transparent data recovery process in which we provide free consultation about the recovery of storage device brought to us.
  • Media Analysis & Payment – There after we charge nominal analysis fees to begin our analysis on the storage media.
  • Quotation for Recovery – After analyzing the storage media, we provide user with the quotation of the data recovery.
  • Data Recovery Process – Upon approval from the user, we begin with the data recovery process which is initiated by our expert professionals.
  • Data Verification – After data recovery is complete, the data is verified by the user either by checking the list of recovered directories provided by us or check the live data by remote access.
  • Data Delivery & Payment – At the end, the data is delivered to the user on final payment.

That’s it for today’s discussion about Mobile Phones or iPhone data recovery.

We recommend that users should not go to unauthorized data recovery people for mobile phone recovery as they will further damage the storage unit making it impossible for the data to be recovered.

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  • Venkataraman
    4 months ago

    I wish to know whether by installing this software in any of the hard disk partition before fresh installing the O.S in C:/ Partition will make the system crash free?

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