Is Your Data Lost, Deleted or formatted ?

Data is the most essential component of computer users whether it is stored in storage space in computer or stored in external storage devices. Data is essential both for individual and business as well. For Business data may contain important excel files, databases, email files, presentations files, etc. For Individuals, data may contain files, images, photos, assignments, video, audio and so on.

Have You Have Ever Lost, Deleted or Formatted any Data?

If yes, then this blog is going to be very helpful for your future assistance in regard to any accidentally lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted data. The information furnished below will provide knowledge regarding what should be done in case of any sought of data loss.

Computers are the most commonly used device by users around the world at an increasing pace and the data storage in them is also increasing at the same pace. There might be situations in which data present in your computer system accidentally gets deleted, lost, formatted or corrupted due to power failures, human interference, and virus intrusions, etc. The data loss could result in big financial losses for business and individuals as well. Businesses can lose important documents which could incur losses. For Individuals the memories like images, video, audio may get deleted.

If you find yourself in the middle of any such situation, then you have always a chance to get back the deleted data. Users often try fancy things for data recovery which doesn’t help to get data recovered but makes recovery process more difficult. We suggest that you should avoid following things if your data gets deleted:

  • Don’t open your hard disk and play around with the media on your own. There is nothing inside hard disk which needs attention of a common user or do-it-yourselfer. Only a qualified and experienced data recovery professional should open it in a clean room and dust free environment
  • Don’t try homemade remedies available on net and listen to your friends to recover lost data, instead approach professional help if you VALUE THE LOST DATA.
  • Don’t try to play with the circuit boards and swap with modern drives. There might be firmware conflict issue which might cause major problems leading to irrecoverable media.
  • Don’t repeated give power supply to a non-responsive and clicking dives. It’s not going to helpful rather may make your drive permanently unrecoverable.
  • Sometime, user’s put the faulty hard disk in the freezer and then tries to test it with power supply. We recommend that user’s shouldn’t do this as there might be some moisture on the media which gets frozen up while in the freezer and can damaged the media permanently when the head comes in contact with the media disk.
  • Don’t install recovery software on the same drive that you have lost data on, you might accidentally over ride the data with the installation.
  • Don’t run recovery CD/DVDs on your PC. This recovery software might make your hardware back on line but all your data will be lost.
  • Do seek professional help, if they are not 200% sure about what they are doing.

Do try to run undeleted recover software to see if you are able to see the lost data. If you are sure about all your lost data, then you can purchase the tool to recover it. Do check your faulty drive on a working system to see if the drive is reading the data and file system integrity. You will be able to copy all your data if only the operating system is corrupt and there is some hardware issue with the original computer on which the drive was installed.

Unistal is pioneer in data recovery software and services since 1994. We have developed advanced data recovery software which is capable of recovering lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted data in an efficient and effective way in no time.

You can use our data recovery range which includes following software:

  1. Windows Data Recovery
  2. Deleted Data Recovery
  3. Digital Media Recovery
  4. Mac Data Recovery
  5. Linux Data Recovery
  6. Pen Drive Data Recovery
  7. CD Data Recovery
  8. OST to PST Converter
  9. EDB to PST Converter
  10. NSF to PST Converter

That’s it our discussion about the things a user can do in case of lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted data.

We do recommend professional help if you are not 200% sure about what you are doing.

The facts and information which is furnished above are correct as per our research. We always welcome any comments or suggestions by fellow readers.

Keep tuning to our blog as we will be back with some more interesting blogs.


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