Is there any alternative way to Data Recovery Software?

Data Recovery software are the mostly commonly used utility tool for recovery of any sought of lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted data in an efficient and effective way. Data Recovery Software is a very helpful utility tool which allows the user to recover deleted or even formatted drive of the computer.

Data being the most crucial component of computer system and it is important for both individual & businesses as well. You can’t calculate the worth of the data present in any individual or business computer. Neither an individual nor an organisation can bear the loss of data from their computer system. As the technology is advancing, the storage devices are made to store large block of data which makes it convenient for the user.

But as the data storage is increasing day by day, there are increased chances of downtime due any of the following situations:

  1. Mechanical part failure.
  2. Accidentally reformatted hard disk.
  3. Partition corrupted.
  4. Virus infection and Corruption.
  5. Software Corruption and Failure.
  6. Showing blue screen Of Death.
  7. Accidental use of SHIFT+DELETE
  8. Data Corruption due to viruses

In these situations, the business can come to a halt resulting in huge financial losses and can even lead to the overall business crisis. For individual the loss is not as big compared to a business, but it can lead to financial loss from which can individual might not come over.

These situations need a perfect utility tool in the form of data recovery software which will recover back the lost, deleted, formatted data in the original form saving the business and individual from any sought of financial losses.

Data Recovery software is based on unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETCh) and it is result-oriented software. You can use it to recover corrupt partition table and boot sector. Data can be recovered from formatted Partitions of Hard Drives. Sometimes, when you delete the data by mistake, we can use this software. You can also recover the data from corrupted file system. You can employ this Software to recover deleted files and folders.

We do believe that there are no alternatives to data recovery software unless you approach data recovery professional to recover your lost data. Data Recovery software are used in logical data loss where as in case of physical data loss like hardware failure, you should immediately approach data recovery professionals.

Following are the ways through which you can avoid using data recovery software:

  1. Taking Regular Data Backup

If you really want to avoid using data recovery software for recovering your lost or deleted data, then you must take regular backup of your whole data present in your computer system and keep it secure in any storage device like external hard disk.

  1. Synchronising the data to cloud

There is another alternative to data recovery software which is synchronising your data to a cloud platform and in case of any sought of data loss, you can download all the data from the cloud to make things as before.

We do believe that the above two ways are not so feasible because of the following reasons:

  1. The data stored on computer system is very large and it is not always possible to take a backup of it in any external storage like external hard disk.
  2. It is not always necessary that you will be able to find the external storage according to the space of the computer.
  3. It is very difficult to regularize these backup policies
  4. Getting a space of cloud is very expensive
  5. Lots of bandwidth is consumed in synchronizing the data to the cloud.
  6. Internet connectivity can result in data corruption on cloud

After all the above discussion, we have come to a conclusion that the option of alternatives to data recovery software are not feasible so can’t replace the work of data recovery software.

We would highly recommend use of Data Recovery software to recover back your deleted data recovery back in the original form.

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