How can we recover Deleted Data from Windows?

Windows operating system is the most commonly used by computer user around the world. The data present in computer system is always very essentials and sometimes can be confidential for individuals and businesses as well.

The data present in your windows can contain photos, audios, video, confidential files, outlook files which if gets deleted or lost can lead to big financial losses for both individual and organizations. The major reasons behind the data getting deleted include:

  1. Power Failures resulting in Data Deletion
  2. Human Intervention like accidentally typing SHIFT+DELETE
  3. Technical Glitch Errors
  4. Software Corruption and Failure
  5. Partition getting formatted

In these situations, Windows Data Recovery software works perfectly fine that efficiently rescues all kinds of data from the corrupted OS and finally restores them!! The tool is equipped with latest technological updates and adheres versatile features, which delivers result-oriented outcome.

Before getting into the procedure to recover deleted data from Windows operating system, we will have a look at prominent features of Unistal Windows Data Recovery Software:

  • Complete Windows Data Recovery from Corrupted, Damaged, Formatted and Deleted Partitions (FAT/NTFS)
  • Accidentally deleted files are recovered
  • Powerful search feature enhances speedy recovery
  • Save recovery option available
  • Restores all types of files (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, etc.)
  • Unicode multiple lingual support
  • Cloning and Imaging for Hard Disks with bad sectors is initiated
  • Recovers data from Logical Drives
  • Restores deleted partition if MFT is fragmented and broken, even if MFT Meta tags are overwritten
  • Recognizes drives even if MBR, Boot record and Meta tags are not present
  • Stimulates previously existed Partitions
  • Bad Sector Management and Recovery (BSMR) helps in optimized recovery from damaged Disks
  • Demo edition of the software provided to the clients

Following are steps which need to be followed to recovers any lost, deleted or formatted data from Windows operating system:

  1. First the user needs to install the software in the windows operating system from which the data needs to be recovered.
  2. On successful installation of the software, the user then needs to get it registered using the activation key mentioned on the software CD box or in the mail received if bought online.
  3. After successfully registering the software, the user starts the recover process by the analyzing phase. In the analysis phase, the software asks for selecting the drive from which the data was lost, deleted or formatted.
  4. After selecting the drive, the software will analyze the drive to search for any lost, deleted or formatted data files and provides a report of the same after the analysis process is over.
  5. After that the user selects the data files which need to be recovered and then select the drive on which these recovered data will get saved. After this, the software starts the recovery process which takes time depending upon the volume of the data been recovered.
  6. Now the user can view the recover data at the storage device path selected during recover process.

We would definitely recommend that Unistal Windows Recovery software should be used for recovery of lost, deleted and formatted data.

You can download the demo version of the software to test it as well.

Demo Download Link:

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