Unistal Celebrates its Silver Jubilee, Unveils Two New Solutions

  • The celebrations brought alive Unistal’s 25 years of journey and presented the roadmap for the future
  • The company launched two new Solutions, Protegent Enterprise Security Solution – Activity Monitoring & Reporting and SmartGasNet Solution for City Gas Networks
New Delhi, India — January 21,  2019                                                                                           

 Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd., the developer and provider of Antivirus, data care, data recovery, data security software and Oil & Gas solutions, celebrated 25 glorious years of serving excellence. The pompous celebrations started at 7 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, New Delhi.

The company shared its success stories and recognised the contribution of mentors, employees, partners, vendors, friends and family for their continuous support. The event was graced by the presence of well-known dignitaries from top corporates, partners, OEM heads and media houses.

On the occasion, Alok Gupta, Co-founder and Managing Director at Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. said, “It is always special to see what you have created turning into a milestone. We feel that completing our 25th year calls for something special. We are taking this occasion as an opportunity to thank all the stakeholders, including our mentors, partners, friends, family, ex-employees and present staff who have helped us in successfully steering through the testing times and achieving this milestone.”

The company also launched two new products, in data security vertical, Protegent Enterprise Security Solution, a next level security solution developed to protect data & assets of SME’s and large enterprises. In Oil & Gas vertical, SmartGasNet Solution, a complete solution for city gas distribution network.

Brimming with pride on this significant occasion, Pankaj Mathur, Co-founder and Director at Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. said,”It is a day of great pride for us. Our incredible journey is full of emotions, including success and lots of struggle. We are celebrating our silver jubilee in a more unique way with the launch of Unistal’s two new products in data security vertical Protegent Enterprise Security solution and SmartGasNet solution for City Gas Networks.”

The event had umpteen employee engagement activities, fun-filled games, motivational addresses by the leaders, along with the launch of two new products. The company also facilitated the ex-employees and rewarded the existing staff for their outstanding contributions, efforts and services.

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The unique journey of Unistal

From a humble start in 1994, started as a startup then with just 2 employees in a 30 sqft rooftop cabin, the company has now grown to more than 200 members strong team with over 20,000 sqft office space.

In 1994, the company developed Data Recovery products and gets Prime Minister’s Office as the first client. In the next five years, the company built a strong portfolio by rolling out new products like Crash Proof, Quick Recovery, Data-Wipe, One  Click Restore. Among these products, Crash Proof was one of the highly anticipated product and Unistal has been chosen as an OEM with big companies like HCL, Wipro and Acer for this product. At this time, Unistal was popularly known as ‘Data Doctors’ among users.

In the next six years(2000-2005), the company achieved many new milestones and expanded rapidly across the globe. The product portfolio increased from 4 to 15 and the company extended its presence with 5 new branch offices including one in the Middle East. The Quick Recovery software was introduced for various platforms like Linux and Novell servers along with Quick Recovery for file repair, file recovery and email recovery. The licensed user base has now grown to 5 lakh for Unistal’s range of products.

This was the time when Unistal took a major leap and decided to enter in Oil & Gas vertical.

The coming years were the golden phase for Unistal, in this period (2006-2018) Unistal witnessed the formation of JPAC with Chirag Shah joining the two founders Alok Gupta and Pankaj Mathur. The company has seen new heights and had overwhelming success overseas in both the Data Security and the Oil & Gas domains.

Unistal’s data security portfolio gets new addition and increased the product count from earlier 15 to 51 products.  New products like Port Locker, Laptop Locator, Activity Reporter, extension of Quick Recovery range, and many others instantly grabbed users’attention and became the first choice in the data security domain. The company had a major expansion in terms of office space, from an earlier 2500 sqft to 20,000 sqft with a new development center in Noida.

This was the period where Unistal’s other arm, JPAC Technologies Pvt. Ltd was launched on 14th January 2008 to develop solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. Within a short span of time, it made its mark in India and overseas by working with almost all the major Oil & Gas companies. The company did many prestigious projects in UAE, Oman, Malaysia,Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. The success in the domain called for an expansion of services, the company started GIS & Survey services for City Gas and Cross Country Pipelines along with venturing into solutions for water pipelines. JPAC has successfully completed and managing more than 75 projects across India and overseas.


Unistal Today…

In Data Security domain, Unistal today has 51 products with more than 7 million licensed users and 3000 active resellers across India, Middle East and Africa. The company has a tie-up as an OEM with HP & Acer, a retail tie-up with Dell & Dell Exclusive stores along with distribution tie-up with Supertron. Unistal has also catered to more than 200 thousand data recovery cases including for RAID servers.

In the Oil & Gas domain, the company has completed more than 75 projects and captured around 90% market share in India for Pipeline Construction Management Services(PCMS). The company has also mapped a network of more than 26000 KM pipelines including more than 5000 KM for City Gas Network & Assets and achieved more than 1000 months of PCMS execution experience.

The company is also proud to have given an opportunity to more than 500 Fresh Mechanical Engineers for Pipeline Construction Management.

World’s 10 Deadliest Cyber Attacks!


WannaCry was a worldwide ransomware attack that shook the whole world by targeting hundreds of thousands of computer, workstations in over 150 countries. The ransomware encrypted the hard drive data and demanded payment in Bitcoin to unlock them. WannaCry used EternalBlue exploit and DoublePulsar backdoor developed by U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) to spread through a local network. This ransomware infected the computers running on old Microsoft Windows OS.

TheShadowBrokers, a group of hackers were behind this attack where they used a code developed by NSA to exploit the vulnerability in operating systems. Russia, India, UK, Ukraine, and Taiwan were badly affected. It affected more than 200,000 computers worldwide.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WannaCry_ransomware_attack


NotPetya is a family of encrypting ransomware that was first discovered in June 2017 and works the way as Petya but it was not used for ransom. This malware targeted Microsoft Windows-based systems and used master boot record to execute a payload that encrypts a hard drive’s file system and prevents windows from booting.

These variants were propagated via EternalBlue Exploit, which was developed by NSA. This malware was propagated through infected e-mail attachment and affected Ukraine and Germany hardly.

Read More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petya_(malware)

BSNL Malware Attack:

This attack shook south India badly especially Karnataka when a malware affected Telco’s broadband network using a modem having default passwords admin-admin. This virus reportedly affected 60,000 modems and blocked internet connectivity. Later BSNL issued an advisory notice to its broadband customers, urging them to change their default router username and passwords.

Mirai Botnet Malware:

This malware was first found in Aug 2016 which primarily targets online consumer devices such as IP cameras and home routers. This malware turns network devices running on Linux into remotely controlled bots that can be used as a part of a Botnet in large-scale network attack. It has been used in some of the largest and most disruptive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, including an attack on 20 September 2016 on computer security journalist Brian Krebs’s website, an attack on French web host OVH, and the October 2016 Dyn cyberattack. According to a leaked chat log between Anna-senpai and Robert Coelho, Mirai was named after the 2011 TV anime series Mirai Nikki.

The source code for Mirai has been published in hacker’s forums in dark web as open source and since the code was published, it is expected that the technique is being used in the number of malware projects. In total, the malware affected 2.5 million loT devices across the world.


Ethereum is one of the most demanded and growing cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Ethereum has seen a number of hacking incidences since the inception of currency. According to a blog published by Hackread.com more than $50 million worth ethereum were stolen in number cyber attacks from coin exchanges and trading platforms, Coindash is one of them.

  • CoinDash’ Token Sale Site Hacked; $7 Million Ethereum Stolen
  • Enigma Marketplace Hacked; $500,000 in Ethereum Stolen
  • Hackers Steal $32 Million in Ethereum From 3 Multisig Wallets
  • Phishing Scam: Hackers Steal $150,000 in Ethereum in Experty ICO Hack


In May 2017, Equifax, a renowned credit reporting service provider was hacked and sensitive, private data of 150 million US customers was leaked due to some flaw in their servers.

Mongo DB:

In 2016, in two different incidents, hackers leaked more than 36 million and 58 million accounts from unsecured MongoDB. Hackers not only wiped out these databases but also stored copies of their codes demanding for ransom of 0.2 Bitcoins.


In February 2017, the internet infrastructure company Cloudflare was hacked due to a bug in their platform. Cloudflare offers security and performance services to about 6 million customer website.

Zomato Hack:

Zomato, an India food tech company was hacked by “nclay” and more than 17 million registered user records were stolen from company’s database.  Hacker has uploaded the data for sale at $ 1,001.43 (BTC 0.5587) on dark web, hackread.com reported.

HBO Hack: HBO, an international entertainment, and media giant suffered a massive data breach in July 2017, in which unaired episodes of Ballers, Room 104 and Game of Thrones TV serial were stolen and leaked online. Hackers also leaked personal and financial data of Viviane Eisenberg, the Network’s Executive Vice President Legal Affairs for Home Box Office, Inc.

What are the data Recovery Charges in Delhi?

As many factors are considered to determine an estimate of data recovery charges. On an average, the Data recovery and Service cost ranges from INR 3000-6000. But it totally depends on the severity of the damage.

Data loss is the most common issue which happens for many reasons like a computer virus, malware, human error, hardware or system malfunction, natural disaster, accidental deletion or formatting, mechanical damages of hardware, power failure, theft of a computer, spilling liquids etc. Also, may destroy data and information during storage, transmission or processing, exchanging data. So need a backup and effective tool to restore lost data.

There are basically two Failures:

  1. Logical Failure: It includes software failure

          Solution: Data Recovery Software Demo Download available for free

  1. Physical Failure: It includes hardware failure

         Solution: Professional Data recovery Service Centers

Cost : INR 3000- 6000

Duration : 1- 2 Days

Location : Nehru Place, New Delhi

Service Provider : Unistal System Pvt Ltd.

Contact No : 8750022846

How to Recover Data from Pen Drive?

Pen Drive is the most habitually used data storage device due to its ease to use and portability. But sometimes data gets lost in the process of storage, transmission, virus intrusion, malfunctioning of the storage device, OS Corruption, physical parameters like temperature above the critical value, human error and much more factors affect directly and indirectly.

The first thing to always keep in mind to take frequent backups of the data which cover up on an average data loss scenario. But what to do if latest or current backup is not there. The easiest and safest methodology to execute the process is Pen Drive Data Recovery Software.

This impeccable software is able to extract lost, corrupted, formatted and deleted data of different format from various removable devices like USB drives, Smart card, Secure digital card, Compact flash card,  SD mini, Memory stick, Smart Media, SD micro, XD picture card, Jump drive, Jet flash, MMC multimedia card, Thumb drive etc of miscellaneous brands. The wizard retrieves multiple files like a word file, excel file, PPT, digital media files include images, videos, audios, PDF and much more from an undetectable drive as well.

There is the step by step functionality and processing of Pen Drive Data Recovery Wizard:

  • Download Pen Drive Recovery Wizard from official website
  • Install the software on your system
  • Connect your Pen Drive through USB port
  • Select the Pen Drive and its recovery mode
  • Deep scanning of the drive
  • View and select the recovered files
  • Provide path and save the selected files

The flow is user-friendly so that a non-technical user can also execute the whole process in an easy and effortless way without hampering the data integrity.

Try and Buy: The demonstration version of the recovery program is available for users for try and test so that they can be assured about the software and its caliber before making any investment. A key is provided in the demo version through which user can view the lost files, if the software satisfies you in all aspects, then proceed for buying.

How Much Does Data Recovery of a Hard Drive/Disk cost?

Want to recover your formatted, deleted and crashed data from your internal or external hard drive but don’t know how much does it cost? Don’t worry. We have a complete bifurcation of a data recovery services and cost with available options in the market.

Just Deleted: If you just deleted your data from internal hard disk and want it back, you can restore it from your recycle bin.

Estimated Cost: $0

Deeply Deleted: If you deleted your data with Shift+Delete then you must have permanently deleted your data from your hard disk. To recover permanently deleted data from your hard drive then you need to go for one step advance. Just by downloading data recovery software you can recover your data and restore it back.

Estimated Cost: $ 30 – $ 100

Download:  Data Recovery Software

Formatted Data: If you want to recover your data from formatted hard disk then I would recommend you to try deep data recovery software if you can take risk or visit a data recovery lab where you can get your data recovered from experts.

Estimated Cost: $ 30 – $ 500

Download:  Data Recovery Software

Damaged Drive: If you want to recover data from your crashed or damaged drive then I would recommend you to visit a data recovery lab where you can get data recovered for sure. It may cost you higher as all these practices are done in very neat and clean environment. In this case your data is recovered by changing and replacing required hardware in your disk to recover data.

Data Recovery Lab: Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd

Estimated Cost: $ 500 – $ 1000

What is the Cost of Data Recovery in Nehru Place, Delhi?

Data loss is the most common problem, people usually face while using their personal computer or mobile phone. Data loss could be due to multiple reasons and mistakenly deletion is one of them. If you have lost your data due to damage in the storage devices or mistakenly deletion then you have two options to go with.

Option 1: Buy data recovery software and try it on your own.

Option 2: Visit a data recovery lab.

Cost: INR 3000 – 5000

Time: 1 – 2 Days

Location: Nehru Place, New Delhi

Service Provider: Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Contact No: 8750022846